Year of Light (EP)

by evergreen

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5-Song EP written*, recorded*, mixed, and mastered at my home in Altamonte Springs, FL

*track 3 piano and acoustic guitar written and recorded at my sister's home in Clermont, FL


released December 19, 2015

First and foremost, thanks to Ben Sharp aka Cloudkicker for inspiring this project and my journey back to music-making.

Thank you and/or credit due to the following:
NASA, Alan Watts, Don DeLillo, J.J. Abrams, Doug Dorst, Honor Harger, Martha Medrano, Brenda Lujan, Gimble, Eckhart Tolle, Chris Kelly, April & Wyatt Cartwright, Lindsey Dicken, Wayne Dicken, Les Paul, MusicMan, Blue Microphones, eBow, Apple, Ernie Ball, Logic Pro, T-Racks, IK Multimedia, EZdrummer, Samson




evergreen Altamonte Springs, Florida

I'm Jeff. Musical ideas oftentimes find my head, some of which feel natural/authentic and some of which feel nurtured/borrowed. At times, a blank canvas and record button yield magic. Other times, the sounds take patience to develop. The ideas range from very basic to very complex. These are the recordings I wish to share with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. ... more

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Track Name: It began with a point.
Sally Ride: So you ever been to Disneyland?
Houston: Affirmative.
Sally Ride: That was definitely an e-ticket.
Houston: Roger that, Sally.
Track Name: He realized he had no torch. No one had given him a torch.
Astronaut: I feel the liftoff. The clock has started.
Houston: Roger.
Track Name: Light from the Universe entered my eye.
It isn't just that you are here, looking at what's out there; like you might be photographing it with your eyes. It's that if that there wasn't there, you wouldn't be here. The outside thing that you see, the inside thing that you are, are poles of the same magnet; or back and front to the same coin. And without one there isn't the other. And that means of course then that we are living in the midst of a world of animals, vegetables, minerals, atmospheres of astronomical values, which is highly intelligent; it's intelligence concentrated, crystalized in our brains. That's where it comes out you see, in any field. Take any field of forces, tanks of chemical solution. And at certain critical points in the chemical solution, the crystals start to form. And so in the same way the total intelligence of the whole universe crystalizes in human brains. And that's where it really comes on. But it's the total intelligence of the whole field that does this. So we go with the whole thing, interdependent. We don't live in an environment which is just rock, just air, just atmosphere and so on. The environment's only like that when we think about it analytically and try to explain it but, when we think of: it isn't just rock and air, you see; but, those things go together. When you see the interconnectedness. When you see in the simplest way how flowers go with bees, and humans go with cattle and plants, etc etc etc. When you see the intervals, the significance of the relationships between these things; it's only then when you see that, that you are aware of the melody.
Track Name: We're stellar cinders, you and me.
You and I
We're stellar cinders
Made of light

Glittering light bursts
of a time long forgotten
Comfort me to sleep
Billions of miles away shines above me

All life history
All life yet to be founded in temporal
Lineal energy
Displaced and re-conceived

Birthed another reinvention of the self
But is it a separate self
Or a continuous one
In transition

There is danger
In transition
Constant changes

(Like green periscopes
tiny shoots peer from muddy
beds searching for sun.
Dark fear crackling at
the edges, the heart beats on
pulsing core of light)

*And just like the signals that we send and receive here on earth, we can convert these transmissions into sound using simple analog techniques. And therefore, it's through listening that we've come to uncover some of the universe's most important secrets: it's scale, what it's made of, and even how old it is.
And yet, despite this, hardly any of us have ever heard this. How many of you here could describe the sound of a single planet or a star? Well, in case you've ever wondered, this is what the sun sounds like.*
Track Name: Nothing has happened, yet everything has changed.
It's for every individual to realize within themselves that there is the consciousness working in them, the structures of their own mind and there is the possibility of stepping out of the shifting consciousness to experience whatever is in your mind, but the awareness behind your mind. Then a much greater depth is suddenly active in you. And when you touch that, when you have access to that; when you are that, then the way in which you interact with other human beings and with the world at large changes. You become a force of good in this world.

*Houston modulation test*